Dementia Resources For Professionals

I provide support services and dementia resources for professionals involved in dementia care. Drawing from my personal caregiving experience and extensive professional expertise, I offer helpful workshops and consulting sessions on key areas related to elder and dementia care.

These dementia resources are intended to help a variety of elder care professionals, including:

Elder Care Specialists

  • Geriatric care managers
  • Mental health specialists
  • Professional caregivers such as CNAs, residential community staff, and administrators
  • Other related professionals

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Elder Law Professionals

Following a diagnosis of cognitive impairment, anxious and frightened families can gain clarity and be put more at ease when a trained elder care mediator both helps them engage in difficult conversations regarding the care and support of their loved one, and assists and supports their decision making process.

It’s important that elder law professionals — including attorneys, guardians, guardians ad litem, and related professionals — be aware of the services and support that are available to clients, caregivers, and families when a dementia diagnosis has occurred.

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