Dementia Caregiver Support

My wife Nancy was diagnosed with early-onset dementia in January 2008. It wasn’t until November that I attended my first dementia caregiver support group – 10 months later! In retrospect, how I wish I had been able to connect much earlier with dementia caregiver resources. Seeking support sooner could have provided me with the guidance, resources, and “next steps” that I needed. I know that my life would have been enriched by others’ stories, experiences, and hope.

It’s for this reason I provide compassionate dementia support resources to those who love, work with, and care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Using a combination of my personal caregiving experience and extensive professional background, I’m able pass valuable insights on to others, all with an empathic understanding of their difficult journey.

What happens during a Dementia Caregiver Support session?

  • We’ll identify the areas where you’re facing the greatest challenges in your caregiving role
  • We’ll discuss tools to help you be the loving caregiver you want to be.
  • You’re no good to your loved one if you’re not taking care of yourself. We’ll discuss the importance of self-care, and ways you can care for yourself without feeling guilty.
  • We’ll also talk about the good news – that success and joy can emerge wonderfully from your journey.
  • You’ll have a private, confidential opportunity to share your and your loved one’s story.

How Are These Sessions Structured?:

These sessions are best done in person. However, I’m willing to consult via telephone or Skype if meeting in person is not feasible for you.

How Often Are These Sessions Offered?:

Typically, to start, we’ll meet on a weekly or biweekly basis. We’ll work together to create a session plan that works best for you. This plan can always be reviewed and adjusted as circumstances require.